How You Can Help

Living in harmony with our landscapes requires balance: the area needs thriving communities and careful visitors to survive, but we must all take care to reduce the stresses that 21st Century living places on the environment. Below are simple ways you can help before you come, while you are here and after you leave. Photograph courtesy of H20 Alchemist

How you can help

Before you come

There are lots of things you can do to help reduce negative impacts on the environment:

  • Think about your journey Try to arrive in the most sustainable manner. By its nature the Hartland Peninsula is not on main road or rail networks but it is still possible to come by public transport. If you are coming by car, plan the most efficient route, drive gently and think about carbon offsetting.
  • Familiarise yourself with what’s on offer Our site and related sites like that of the AONB and South West Coast Path, will give you lots of ideas to plan your time here and get the most out of your stay. By planning effectively you can also cut down car and travel use while you are here, avoid wasted or duplicate journeys – and save money on fuel costs!
  • Get to know what the AONB and Biosphere are doing. Finding out more about what the AONB and Biosphere do to help preserve the area will give you a greater understanding of the landscapes, what to look for and how to appreciate their beauty.

While you are here

During your visit you can

  • Recycle All accommodation providers on the Peninsula recycle so please use the appropriate bins and boxes to separate out your waste.
  • Follow the Countryside Code  The five common sense rules really do make a difference and also give you the confidence to know where and how to enjoy the countryside.
  • Ditch the car! Part of the magic is how little traffic there is here, and how lovely it is to wander the lanes on foot or by bike. So leave the car, stroll to the pub, cross fields to the farm shop and borrow or hire bikes (they can even be delivered to you) to explore further afield on the Peninsula. Not only will the environment benefit, but so will you! If you do drive, drive slowly and be very considerate of other road users: walkers, cyclists, riders, sheep, cows and pheasants!
  • Volunteer There are always events being hosted by local volunteer groups, the National Trust and the AONB. Take part in a beach clean, help repair steps on the coast path, count wildlife, clear scrub and find many other ways to actively get involved.

After you leave

Once you return home there is still lots you can do to help promote and preserve the Hartland Peninsula:

  • Post reviews and photographs Share your stories and images so that others can learn more about our beautiful place and be inspired to be considerate visitors.
  • Give to charity If you enjoyed your time here, consider donating to the AONB, the National Trust, or the Landmark Trust to help them continue their work here.