About Us

About Hartland Peninsula

The Hartland Peninsula Association (HPA) is a non profit-making organisation, which was established in January 2004 as a result of interest that had been generated from the production of a small leaflet produced in 2002 promoting the environment and heritage of the Hartland Peninsula. This ruggedly beautiful area is defined as running from Brownsham National Trust in the north to Bursdon Moor in the south, and all areas lying west of the A39 between these points.


The HPA has a vision for the area:
A thriving rural community in a beautiful Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, where the environment is recognised and respected as an asset.


The purpose of the association is for members of the community to work together to promote tourism and market the area in order to sustain tourism and local businesses. In so doing it seeks to maintain the unique character of this stunning and unspoilt coastal Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.