Go snorkelling or scuba diving

The clear marine waters around the coast and Lundy offer exceptional diving visibility and are extremely popular with clubs all around the country.  In fact they are so exceptional and rich with life that the waters around Lundy are England's first, and only, designated Marine Nature Reserve.  Not only are you likely to get up close and personal with grey seals, lobsters and rare corals but also wrecks, reefs, pinnacles and drop offs. 

But if you aren't a qualified diver, don't worry.  A simple snorkelling set is enough to be able to gaze down through the often crystalline waters to view an amazing array of seaweeds, anemones, fish, crustaceans and much more.  You won't necessarily miss out on the seals either! They are often basking just off the coastline and are curious and friendly enough to explore the new species (you!) in the water.

For boat charter click here.  For detailed information about diving at Lundy Island click here

As with all watersports, only enter the water if you are a confident swimmer, have taken sensible safetly precautions and have thoroughly checked up-to-date weather and tide information.


This lovely photograph of a seal playing in the water is used courtesy of Peter Price.


Go snorkelling or scuba diving