Jean and Vince to Revisit the Peninsula

The Beach

Here on the Hartland Peninsula, we pride ourselves on our friendliness, so it was wonderful to hear from two of our favourite visitors (who also happened to send us some of their stunning photos to show everyone else what a photographers’ paradise it really is here). So, welcome back to these pages to Jean and Vince. A lot of your followed their story. The fell in love with each other and the Hartland Peninsula and came here in June 2011, where Vince proposed on what is perhaps one of the the most romantic spots on earth and they became engaged.
The love the place so much, they called their home Hartland. There was a fairytale ending when they married last September and they hope to return soon to revisit us here on the Hartland Peninsula.

Having seen these wonderful photos (that photography course really worked, Jean and Vince) you will probably be feeling convinced enough to do the same. Don’t forget, there is a huge amount of information about the area on our website including wonderful places to stay and amazing things to do.


Many of our visitors come here for the tranquility, a relaxing escape from urban living and, of course, to see the stunning views. But there is much more to life here. Pause a moment, on a clear night, to see the stars. My son, home from uni recently, and not an especially esoteric person, looked up at the blanket of stars as we arrived one evening, saying: "wow, I’ve never seen anything like it". If you’re interested in night skies, check out this website. The low levels of light pollution here make for phenomenal starry skies, even without a telescope.

But there are other aspects too. How many places can you go where you have to wait for 400 cows to cross the lane for milking? Where, driving home at night, you stand a very good chance of seeing rabbits, hares, owls or even badgers? And where else can you find such spectacular walking? Jean and Vince were right. In coming here for their engagement, their relationship was wrapped in romance from the very start…’s to Jean and Vince!

The amazing combination of cliffs and waves which fair take your breath away….

Sea and skies……stunning!

Don’t forget to take time to just watch the waves – sooooo relaxing!

Spekes Waterfall

Bucks Mills, slightly off the Peninsula but only a stone’s throw away and still within the beautiful North Devon AONB.

The lollipop as I call it!!

The iconic Hartland Point picture.

SW coastal path

Looking out to Lundy

The lighthouse again – we are all excited to see what will happen to it now a sale has been agreed

To Lundy from the Point


Jean and Vince to Revisit the Peninsula