‘Artland’ – Hartland’s biggest open studios art event is nearly here!





Artland – Hartland’s biggest open studios art event – is taking place on the 19th, 20th and 21st of June.  Local artists and artisans of all types are exhibiting and opening their studios in some of the most beautiful locations around the Hartland Peninsula.


Over 24 artists, potters, ceramicists, glassworkers, printmakers, poets and musicians will be opening up their spaces to the general public between 12 noon and 5.00pm to show their creations and skills, and many will be demonstrating how their work over the weekend.


In addition there will be art installations in the grounds of Cheristow Farm and Art Barn, including Clive Brocklehurst’s 12 foot high Memory Pyramid to which visitors can attach memories they wish to honour or move on from,  and other artists will be creating structures especially for and during the event at their own venues.


Natural art is being celebrated too: on Saturday 20th at 2.00pm Clare Gurton of Plantwalk will lead one of her intriguing wild flower walks which bring not just the flowers, but also the almost forgot folklore and traditions attached to them, back into modern focus.  See the website for booking details.


For more information on the event and the artists see below and visit www.artlandnorthdevon.co.uk  


As a main venue hub an ‘Art Barn’ is being created to house some of the artists and their work at Cheristow Farm, Cheristow, Hartland EX39 6DA where there will also be installations in the grounds.



Andy White~ ceramic mosaic artist. Large sculptural mosaics. www.andywhitemosaics.co.uk

VENUE; East Tosberry Farm EX39 6EH


 Brenda Jet~ I create installations, some in the landscape made with things I find, others in gallery settings with paintings and photographs. I document each project in a hand bound book and if the mood takes me I play my guitar. VENUE; Cheristow Art Barn EX39 6DA




Charlotte ‘Lotti’ Rains~ is a Lampworker (or Flameworker), making glass beads using a bench torch and then turning them into jewellery using only sterling silver. She also makes marbles and small sculptural glass pieces. Living and working in Hartland she takes her inspiration from the wild Atlantic Ocean. VENUE; with Mia Stewart Wilson as below at Ambleside Stoke Hartland EX39 6DU www.glassbeadsbylotti.co.uk




Clare Gurton ~ Plantwalk ~ Wild plant enthusiast and writer Clare Gurton from Plantwalk will lead a guided flower walk on Saturday 20th at 2.00pm from Cheristow Farm EX39 6DU. This will be an excellent opportunity to enjoy another element of Hartland and to take a closer look at some local wild plants and to hear their stories.

Walkers will be asked for a small donation to Plantlife or the Bumblebee conservation trust.

Please let Clare know if you would like to join the walk contact [email protected] or on 01237 441205 or 07584 045272


David Foster~describes himself as a vernacular philosopher, writer and poet. For Artland he will be creating exhibition space for the artist Robin Wilson. VENUE; Laundry Bungalow Stoke Hartland EX39 6DU

 Robin Wilson~ a self taught artist who works in all mediums including collage. His art landscapes evolve through familiarity brief sketches and intuition. VENUE; Laundry Bungalow Stoke, Hartland EX39 6DU




Grizel Luttman Johnson~ Grizel will be marbling papers in the barn and showing recent work including monoprints with local earth pigments, drawings on plaster and handmade books. VENUE; Tne Laurels West Street Hartland EX39 6BQ



Hayley Piper~ visual arts VENUE Art Barn Cheristow as above


Jay Luttman Johnson~ Jay makes intricate linocuts, often influenced by myth, fairytales and dreams. She also makes sculptural buildings from reused materials, incorporating her prints. Jay will be working on a new building in her garden workshop, and her cards and framed prints will be on display in her uniquely wonderful house. VENUE OverAcross Milford Hartland EX39 6EA  www.jayluttman-johnson.com




Jay will also be joined at her venue by artist and painter Roy Collins


Roy Collins~ Roy moved to Hartland in 1995 and has been teaching at The Small School since then. Roy is often to be found riding his motorbike around North Devon looking for inspiration- especially trees. If only he could remember their locations!



Jean Gifford~ bell ringing St Nectan’s Church Stoke


 Karly La Fontaine~ is a ceramicist working in porcelain and stoneware, she makes small decorative pieces and larger functional work, often with accidental repetitive patterns and usually in blue. VENUE 3 Mill Hill, Hartland EX39 6EA



 Lisa Clapton Studying 2d and 3d glass fusing and mosaic design in Bude Cornwall; my inspirations are the beautiful landscapes and skies of North Devon where I live. I am a keen photographer and use my photogrpahs for inspiration for many of my works. Other influrnces include Gustav Klimt, Salvador Dali and the architect Atoni Gaudi  VENUE White Hare Studio 67 The Square Hartland EX39 6BL




Mark Nesbitt~ Mark has beenn working under his pen name of ‘Luke Warm’ since 1992. For 11 years he lived in London working for newspapers such as Financial Times, Evening Standard, Times Higher Educational Supplement, Irish Times and the Press Association. He moved to Hartland in 2003 and since mostly draws caricatures as on the spot entertainment at events and from photographs as presents. VENUE Greencroft Hartland EX39 6AE  NOT OPEN SATURDAY www.CaricaturesbyLukeWarm.co.uk





Merlyn Chesterman~ woodblock printmaker VENUE 2 Harton Manor Hartland EX39 6BLwww.woodblock.eu



Merlyn is delighted to announce that both one of her own prints (above) and a print created by Pine Feroda, a group of print makers of which she is a member and who create their works at her studio in Hartland, have been chosen to be hung in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. The picture below shows the position of the Pine Feroda print at the Academy.



Mia Stewart Wilson~ studied at the Byam Shaw School of Art where there was emphasis on drawing. Whilst accompanying her husband she lived in several countries in the Far East which has influenced her work greatly. There she found teachers in Japanese and Chinese brushwork. She has always loved North Devon and found much to paint here, looking at the sea, rocks, cliffs, birds and wild weather. VENUE Ambleside Stoke Hartland EX39 6DU www.miastewartwilson.com




Paul Jenner~ Paul aims to capture the beauty aof the familiar using natural light and a passion for his subject, North Devon / Cornwall Coast. Creating simple, uncluttered compositions and a sense of peace and stillness, he loves to capture vibrant colur and uses his artistic eye to wonderful effect. VENUE Paul will be exhibiting a beautiful selection of canvas prints, large framed prints, mounted prints and gift cards from his studio in Welcombe 2-3 minutes walk from the Old Smithy Inn Pub EX39 6HG www.pauljennerphotography.co.uk




Peter Stiles~ painter VENUE West Street Hartland



Philip & Frannie Leach Springfield Pottery~ earthenware pottery hand-made from local clays. tiles. garden pots, kitchen and tableware and individual pots. VENUE Springfield Pottery Hartland EX39 6BGwww.springfield-pottery.com



 Robert Seymour~ photography VENUE 10 Fore Street Hartland  EX39 6BDwww.robseymourphotography.co.uk




Sarah Jane Lander~ North Devon’s history with slipware pottery and my particula interest with functional pots have been teh main influence for my work. The pleasure from using a well made piece gives me my inspiration to keep creating. Using stoneware clay I throw traditional pots, then using coloures lips I try to decorate them in a more contemporary style with design ideas coming form the countryside around me. With simple clean lines in the decoration I aim to enhance the forms whilst ensuring each piece still functions as it should and be enjoyable to use. VENUE 39 Fore Street Hartland EX39 6BLwww.sarahjanelander.com



Sarah Felgate~ visual arts VENUE Cheristow Art Barn EX39 6DA


Theresa Seligmann~ knitter VENUE Cheristow Art Barn EX39 6DA


 Clive and Caroline Brocklehurst White Hare Studio~ Clive is a prolific painter and craftsman. Working primarily in watercolour he describes his work as inspired by land, love and legend. His paintings are largely land and seascaped based but he has become known for his paintings of white hares. He has also written three books about a legendary white hare called Assander. The studio is also jammed with his craft creations, stained glass panels, mirrors, wooden fabric covered and decoupaged boxes, candles and ceramics all made at the studio.


Caroline creates jewellery using semi precious stones, crystals and silver beads sourced from all over the world and made into earrings, bracelets and necklaces.



The White Hare Studio ethos is to offer items made on the premises but for Artland they have invited local fused glass workerLisa Clapton to exhibit pieces in the studio gallery.

VENUE White Hare Studio 67 Fore Street Hartland EX39 6BL


The Memory Pyramid~ Especially for Artland Clive is creating an installation at Cheristow farm to be called The Memory Pyramid. Inspired by the wooden temples of David Best The Memory Pyramid  will be a twelve foot high structure geometrically built on the principles of the psychological principles of thought pyramids. It will be made from foraged waste branches and tree cuttings discarded in local woodland by energy companies clearing power line runs.


Standing inside this traditionally powerful shape of structure visitors are invited to remember events, people and occurences good or bad, to be honoured or recognised by writing or drawing on combustible natural waste materials provided or contributed by them and tied to the structure.


On Sunday evening to celebrate the Solstice the Memory Pyramid will by then hopefully be festooned and fluttering with messages and memories.


At the end of the evening the structure will then be packed with more waste cuttings from the the local woods and set on fire to symbolically commemorate or release the memories recorded by each individual who has contributed.


The energy contained in the natural materials and the emotions expressed on in and through them will be returned to the universe The Memory Pyramid will disappear with the memories symbolically honoured or a space created in which to move on.


"There are only two ways to live your life; as if Nothing is a miracle or as if Everything is a miracle"



‘Artland’ – Hartland’s biggest open studios art event is nearly here!