Discover local food, farming and drink

Hartland has a long history of farming, fishing and local production, so the food and drink here is second to none, and the ways to enjoy it are endless.

Why not...

  • take a Food & Farm Safari and cook award winning recipes in the open air
  • eat a crab salad or seafood platter straight from the sea
  • indulge in award-winning cream teas
  • drink hand-roasted coffee right on the cliff edge
  • linger over lunch or dinner with friends
  • have a specialist cook cater for your group or event
  • eat homemade cakes, the freshest home grown salads, soups and slow-grown local meats in the local cafes and tearooms
  • visit the farmers markets, specialist food producers or one of the many food festivals
  • try and buy handmade cheeses and traditionally smoked fish
  • sample locally produced beer, cider and even wine at the festivals or in the pubs...

Find it all this and more at our Fabulous Food & Drink pages

  Fabulous food delights on the Hartland Peninsula - the home of North Devon's fin